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Real Estate Agent

Selling your home or an investment property can be one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll ever make. The outcome of your property sale is most likely going to determine what lays ahead for you financially, whether it be to upsize, clear debt, downsize, enter retirement or pursuing another financial strategy. In all cases, you will be wanting the best outcome for your next stage in life.

For these simple reasons, and a good many more reasons, you should absolutely engage an agent to sell your property. They are experienced, have access to a network of buyers agents, buyers, other agents who may have buyers looking for your type of property and understand the market.

There are real estate agents who may not offer the same great results as others, so connecting with the right person who is going to do well by you is essential and we can assist you in achieving that. We have sales agents in Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, Lennox Heads / Byron Bay region, Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Whilst paying an agent may not be ideal, the value of using an agent far outweighs trying to do it yourself to save money.

The sales agents we work with are:

  • Licensed, motivated professionals who have been in the industry. 
  • They have a team of professionals supporting them to assist with the sale.
  • They have access current market information and advertising resources.
  • They have wealth of knowledge, skills, and experience to help you sell your home. 
  • They will represent you without the emotional connection to your property (whilst being respectful of your values).
  • They can help in matters of negotiation. 
  • They understand the regulations, bureaucratic red tape, and paperwork requirements. 
  • They are able to advise on recent sales to help you find the market value price for your property. 
  • They may have a databases of buyers searching for properties they have sold which a private seller wouldn’t have access to. 
  • They will give you an honest assessment of the true value of your property. 
  • They will be able to look at your property from a sales perspective, to identify the stand-out facets and variables that will put it ahead of the competition. 
  • A real estate agent will know how to use the avenues available to present your property based on past experience. 

The difference between selling a property as the owner, signing up a good sales agent or a bad one can mean the difference in tens of thousands of dollars (or more) and the property being sold as opposed to remaining on the market for an extended period of time.

To connect with one of our amazing sales agent team members, please submit an enquiry and we will connect you with right representative for your requirements and location.

Real Estate Property Management

With regard to property management agents (PM), the whole suite of reasons above apply to partnering with a good PM.

You want a property manager who is going to treat your investment like they would treat their own home. You want a good management rate but if a low management rate is aligned with the level of service, then it will not be ideal for your investment property.

A PM should be looking at the market, providing advice on when rental fees should be increased. Thorough property inspections with action plans for remedies or improvements should always be detailed so you understand what issues may be presenting, resulting in your investment in the future.

A good PM should be able to guide an investor with how to handle tenancy agreements for renewals, roll over agreements (month to month) and vacancy rates should the property become vacant.

Generally, it’s better to have a property tenanted for $10 less a week if needed due to the market than the property sitting vacant for 6 months with nil income.

To connect with one of our amazing property management team members, please submit an enquiry and we will connect you with the right representative for your requirements and location.

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