Property Buyers Agent

Reduce the risk surrounding property selection, market research, quality property and strategy

Property Buyers Agent

A buyers agent is one of the best service providers to have on your team. They not only know the market inside and out, but they are always on the hunt for the best deals which they can put you in front of.

A buyers agent service and their success is only as a result of the properties they put their client into. If they pick bad properties or poor investments, then their clientele would diminish and they would get nil referrals. In saying this, you always want to get a trusted referral which is going to ensure your purchase is going to work for you, not work for the buyers agent.

Some benefits of using a buyers agent are:

  • Experience
  • Guidance and education
  • Access
  • Takes the work off your hands


If you are a seasoned property buyer who settles on a property once every year or two, you may feel confident on the process and may have made some equity in your sales along the way. However, think of the buyers agent who is doing this every day, searching, negotiating & buying for many clients throughout the year.

We all make mistakes from time to time, and when it comes to property investing, your mistakes can be extremely costly in the long run.

Using a professional buyers agent will remove a lot of the risk surrounding selection, market research, quality property, strategy etc.

In addition to this, they are seasoned negotiators as they are doing this all the time. They know the tricks, how to play the game, deal with agents regularly to achieve the best outcome for their clients.

Guidance and Education

When working with a professional service provider, there should always be a strong element of guidance and education. A buyers agent is no different and they will be able to present a range of information to educate you through the whole process.

Depending on your needs, they can guide you through the decision making process, they can educate you on the market and many other elements of the purchasing journey.


As buyers agents are always working with real estate sales agents, they are presented information about upcoming properties well before they hit the market and have access to information the usual buyer wouldn't have.

Again, a buyer can connect with a handful of sales agents in the area they want to purchase and be added to mailing lists, however, it’s then on you to decipher and consider what is a good option which links back into the experience they bring with them.

Time Saving

We are all busy and spending the time to research, educate yourself, get to inspections (interstate for investments) and run the whole purchase process yourself is immensely time consuming.

Let’s assume you spend three hours per week conducting your learning and due diligence (reading this information to upskill yourself) for any of the below stages of the buying process:

  1. Learning about the buying process
  2. Researching government websites
  3. Researching an area of interest for your purchase
  4. Learning about transportation options in the area
  5. Investigating development applications in the area
  6. Deciphering what your purchase strategy is
  7. Researching properties online (multiply this process by 3 months)
  8. Attended a half a dozen properties to inspect
  9. Negotiation with agents
  10. Reviewing contracts and organising building / pest inspections

We’ll leave the above as is for now, as there’s many other areas you will need to attend to, like loan application.

Let’s say a reasonably conservative calculation of the above basics could equate to 21 sessions x 3hrs which equals 63hrs total. Ask yourself, do you have that much time up your sleeve to conduct all this? If you were able to commit 3hrs per week to the above process, that’s almost 6mths of effort to get you closer to a purchase.

The process our partners will take you through and conduct on your behalf includes:

  1. Client brief - understanding your goals and objectives
  2. Research - crunching the numbers to find great options
  3. Strategy - working on your life journey and outcomes you intend to achieve
  4. Options - shortlisting options for you based on above steps
  5. Inspection - they will check the property before you to ensure it stacks up as a viable option
  6. Evaluate - lay it all on the table
  7. Secure - negotiate on your behalf to secure best offer
  8. Settle - liaise with the required professional involved with the settlement
  9. Support - after sales assistance

Yes a buyers agent will cost you more fees, however they are worth every cent given the outcomes they achieve and the convenience of allowing their clients to continue with their busy lives.

The results you can achieve from working with qualified professionals far outweigh the costs, as they can save you time, money and stress – and start you on the best path towards property success.

If you still cannot see the value in engaging a buyers agent, a trusted partner of ours, then you may find the process a lot more demanding than you first expected.

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