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We are the lifeguards of property and finance, assisting you navigate the waters of financial success.

Applying for a Home Loan

Thank you for expressing your interest to learn the best way to apply for a home loan! We are excited to connect with you and learn how it is that we can assist.

Did you know that Mortgage Brokers write up to 60% of all home loans in Australia? WARNING: Do not apply for a home loan before speaking with a trusted broker! Why? Competition, lender choice, product options and ensuring our clients' best interest comes first.

So by clicking on our advertisement and connecting with us, you are already on the best path to apply for a home loan!

How can we help you?

Click on this link to answer a few brief questions about you and then book an initial phone meeting with one of our team.

During our initial phone meeting we aim to learn all about you, understand where you are at with your plans, goals, property journey and discuss how we can assist you in preparing for a home loan application.

When booking an appointment, please select the 30min time slot so we have enough time to cover off what we need to.

Why use Fordable Mortgage Broker?

  1. We charge NO FEES to our clients!
  2. We have access to a range of lenders!
  3. We understand the various lender policies which saves you time from shopping around.
  4. Whenever you need help with your home loan, you call us and we speak to the lender for you!
  5. We partner with our clients for life, supporting them as their needs change.

And how much will all this cost you?

We do not charge our clients any fees! That's correct...... a service that works on your behalf and does not charge you anything!

How is this possible? If you apply for a home loan and we successfully secure the finance from the lender, you will be in a position to purchase a property. If you secure a property the lender accepts as a suitable security, contracts are exchanged and all parties involved proceed to settlement (keys handed over to new owner). When settlement is completed, the lender pays the Mortgage Broker an upfront commission for introducing the new client to them as new business.

How much is a Mortgage Broker paid? The upfront commission is paid for the leg work completed, then a trail commission is paid over the life of the loan for the Mortgage Broker to keep up the good work, continuing to support the client with the home loan.

Book an appointment with one of our trusted Mortgage Brokers to start talking about your goals and objectives!

Let's Do This!

What happens after our initial phone call?

Of course every application is unique to the individuals involved however here is some detail of what to expect (for most finance applications) after our phone call:

  1. We will request some additional infomraiton from you (i.e. income verification, your monthly living expenses) so we can crunch some numbers.
  2. We will come back to you with an indication as to whether your borrowing capacity will meet your goals and objectives.
  3. We will confirm the lenders whose policy meets your requirements.
  4. We will prepare a list of lender options, with their rates, fees and all product details ready to present to you.
  5. We will arrange for a face to face meeting so we can present the lender options to you.
  6. We will verify your identification and complete the required compliance for your application to proceed.
  7. We will provide you with a list of the required supporting documentation needed for your application.
  8. We will complete your applicaiton for signing before submission goes into your lender of choice.

What makes a good Mortgage Broker?

There are many traits however we believe the most important are:

  1. A Professional Broker must care about their clients needs first and foremost!
  2. A Professional Broker must want the best outcome for their client at all times!
  3. A Professional Broker must listen and understand their clients needs!
  4. A Professional Broker must provide ongoing support after they have assisted a client!
  5. A Professional Broker must know the varied lender policies and be a solution provider!
  6. A Professional Broker must share their knowledge and be able to educate clients so they know what they are signing for!

There are many other items we could add to this list, however we believe you get the point........ it's all about you, and your money, so due care should be expected by the client.

Whether you are a first home buyer, looking for an investment property or a seasoned buyer with a bucket load of experience, we have the team and the dedication to work tirelessly on your finance applicaiton.

We pride ourselves on result we achieve for our clients. We are proud of the experiences our client share in our Google Reviews. We offer as much information and support possible to educate our clients and we provide guidance to assist clients make the best decisions for their finance while partnering with our clients for the life of their home loans.

A quick thank you message

Here is a quick thank you message we would like to share with you from our Managing Director and Founder Stephen Ford.


Who is Fordable Property & Finance?

Fordable Property & Finance primary business is Mortgage Broking. We operate out of Newcastle and Sydney whilst also providing our Mortgage Broking services to clients across Australia.

We love assisting buyers get into the property market, providing ongoing support and working with our clients throughout their property journey to upsize, downsize or to grow their property portfolio if that's what they are looking to achieve.

Our Managing Director and Founder of Fordable Property & Finance started buying property in 2004 and has since grown his property portfolio to five properties. This was achieved through patience, through self education, by using the equity in each property to purchase the following and then letting the property market work its magic. There was no large inheritence, there was no quick easy path, there wasn't even high income to support property acqusitions. It was done through budgeting, learning how to leverage equity and time in the market.

Here is a short video from Stephen sharing his journey to date.


The most valuable service we find our clients receive is the support, education and guidance on how to apply for a home loan, then how to settle on a purchase. Thankfully this is the foundation for what our business represents..... 'Providing a safe option for your journey'.

We also live by another motto which is:

Believe | Achieve | Succeed!

We believe that most things in life are achievable, however it generally comes as a result of hard work! Professional sports people may have talents, however they work hard to win. Succcessful business men and women work hard at their craft to get ahead and climb the corporate ladder. Great parents work hard to support their family, care and support their children and none of this comes easily either.

Coming back to the topic of home loans, the same applies....... if you have a goal, believe that you can achieve that goal, work hard, budget, stay focused and do everything it takes to achieve the outcome you desire, you will succeed!

What does it take to be a home owner?

You need to save money for a deposit, prepare your personal finances to present an amazing application to a lender and have a trusted broker by your side who will represent your best interests throughout the whole process! We are here to help you do all this and want to see you get the property you desire.

So now that you have come this far, let's connect, discuss your personal situation and make a plan together!

Please complete your form and book an appointment in our online calendar.

Lets Do This!

Your full financial needs and requirements need to be assessed prior to any offer or acceptance of a loan product. Corporate Credit Representative 513965 is authorised under Australian Credit Licence 389328.

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