At Fordable, we're not just about finance solutions – it's about fostering dreams, supporting aspirations, and enabling transformation.

We're thrilled to announce our partnership with TransformU, a beacon of personal growth and empowerment.

transformu partnership
transformu partnership
transformu partnership
transformu partnership

Jackie Gillies and the team behind TransformU believes in the profound impact of our thoughts shaping our reality. With the transformative 12-week TransformU online course and the enchanting Bali Bliss Out retreat, Jackie and the team invites you on a journey of self-discovery and rejuvenation.

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How Our Partnership Unveils a Pathway

As your ally in financial solutions, Fordable is here to align our mission with the TransformU vision. We recognise that experiences like the Bali Bliss Out retreat can be life-changing, and sometimes, financial support can pave the way for such transformational moments.

shaping possibilities

Shaping Possibilities

TransformU programs can be paid for in full with the assistance of a personal loan and Fordable is ready to assist with your application, easing the path toward the TransformU online course or the Bali Bliss Out retreat.

empowering choices

Empowering Choices

Whether it's financing the online courses, retreats or managing travel expenses such as flights, we're here to assist with personalised loan applications tailored to your needs.

seamless experience

Seamless Experience

Once the application is submitted, our dedicated team commits to a swift 4-hour assessment, ensuring a prompt response and support to realise your aspirations.

flexible terms

Flexible Terms

With loan terms spanning 3 years or 5 years, Fordable offers manageable repayment plans, starting from $52 per week for 3 years or $34 per week for 5 years, accommodating your financial comfort.

Application criteria:

  • Minimum loan amount $5,000
  • Lender settlement fee $475
  • Application fee $400
  • Applicants must be employed for a min. duration of 6mths
  • Applications are subject to serviceability and approval by the lender
  • Min age of applicant 18yo

Join us in making a profound impact

Our partnership with TransformU is more than a collaboration; it's a bridge between personal growth and financial empowerment. We understand the significance of experiences that transform lives and create lasting memories. As you embrace the opportunity to join TransformU for this journey, remember that Fordable is here to support your dreams and finance application.

Ready to embark on a journey of self-transformation? Connect with us today and pave the way for the TransformU online course or the Bali Bliss Out retreat.



Together, we're not just financing dreams. We're enabling transformations.

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